About us

About Us

Dedikerade Viner represents carefully selected wines of the highest quality. All our wines are characterized by sustainability and social responsibility since they are produced and delivered with environmentally conscious methods and leave kind-hearted foot prints. We can also create bespoke wines on demand – complete with exclusive design and elegant labels.

Our four goals

  • We combine food and wine in a memorable way
  • Our customers are both satisfied and inspired
  • We promote charity every day
  • We are one of Scandinavia’s most respected wine distributors

We take our social
responsibility seriously

Wine is a wonderful source of pleasure, but alcohol can bring about problems that companies in the wine business need to take responsibility for. As our customer, you are actually helping us in this – and you can enjoy your wine with a clear conscience! Dedikerade Viner works with the Swedish initiative In Vino Caritas. In addition, Dedikerade Viner donates at least 1SEK for each bottle sold from the rest of our product line to an organisation working with problems related to addictions.

Our work
is sustainable

Using sustainable methods – from cultivation to transportation – comes naturally to us. For example, we only use recycled packaging, and everything we produce is recyclable. The goal is to minimize our environmental footprint. To that end, we follow three guidelines for sustainability.

Our three guidelines for sustainability

  • We avoid chemicals in the production process as far as possible
  • We use packaging made of recycled materials
  • We use sustainable means of transport

We guarantee
world class service

We create good customer relationships by smooth and flexible communication with an approach that is both personal and professional. Our clients grant us their trust and in return we provide them with memorable taste experiences.

By using smart communication methods in every step of the process, we can guarantee fast delivery! Avoiding all intermediaries result in a good interplay between price and quality. Our environmental footprint is minimized by the use of efficient means of transport. We take the shortest route between winery and customer – in every way.

A solid experience in running a winery

Our founder of Dedikerade Viner, Attila Bors – has been running Château Cloche in Tokaj, Hungary, since 2008. This gives us a unique experience in producing award-winning wines. During this time we have also established a wide and reliable network, which means we can deliver wines to our customers using environmentally friendly transport.

The wine region of Tokaj-Hegyalja has been declared a World Heritage Site since 2002, and is renowned for its sweet white wines.

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